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Meares-Irlen Syndrome - Visual Stress

Some information about Genuine Irlen

  • Olive Meares - New Zealand: reported that some individuals had distortions when reading high contrast material.
  • 1980s Helen Irlen - USA: discovered a method using coloured filters that could calm the brain and alleviate distortions and the associated emotional and behavioural changes.
  • Helen Irlen approached Olive Meares and shared with Olive her initial discoveries relating to colour filtering. Olive was pleased with the discovery and was happy for Helen to persue a solution to distortions.
  • Patents and Trademarkes where filed by Helen Irlen to protect the name Irlen, the screening methods and materials used for correction
  • A network of Irlen Syndrome Screeners and Diagnosticians was set up worldwide. Today, millions of overlays and genuine Irlen tinted glasses have been supplied.
  • 1990s a UK based epilepsy specialist who was undertaking research for an established Irlen Centre, started his own project to design a colorimetry machine that could calculate the filter colour. This mass produced machine was sold to opticians and Optometrists. Systems such as the C3R Trackograph and Orthoscopics have also been used attempting to rival the Irlen Method.
  • Due to the restrictions of legal protections the terms Meares-Irlen Syndrome and Visual Stress were developed and then used for non genuine Irlen Work.
  • To this day only Irlen Coloured Overlays and Irlen Tinted Lenses produced by the Irlen Institute in California USA are regarded as the original and genuine Treatment for Irlen Syndrome.

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