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Irlen Clinic In Derby

Appointments for the Derby based clinic at Marble Hall can now be booked below.  You can book a LONG session or a SHORT session. Future bookings for the next three months are usually possible. A deposit is not currently required and changes are possible on-line. Those who abuse these policies will be moved down the waiting list.

Irlen Assessments In London

Bookings for Irlen Assessments in London and beyond cannot yet be made on-line. It is possible to see you at home, work, or your place of education.  If your location is not possible for me to visit, I will help you to find a suitable location or person that can help you.

Please use our contact page to get in touch and a suitable visiting appointment can be arranged. Contact us here

Irlen Appointment Types

Irlen Filter Full Assessment: £175 + Filter cost (usually £150)


  • Required for those who will need to wear colour over the eyes if overlays are not sufficient

  • Required for those who wear coloured glasses that are NOT irlen Filters

  • You only pay for the full amount if filters are required

  • Irlen filters do not colour the world or darken like sunglasses

  • They can be worn and are effective in artificial, daylight and night lighting

  • Not Screened? Not Used Colour? Add a Mini-Screen for an additional £35 (not £75)

Irlen Filter Check / Re-Tint: £125 + Filter cost (£80 - £150)


  • For those who already wear Irlen Filters

  • Annually checks are recommended to ensure your colour is always optimum

Irlen Screening: £75


  • Explores the full range of symptoms, discomforts and distortions

  • Determines your suitability for Irlen Spectral Filters

  • Establishes the best single or combination of Irlen Overlay colour

  • A negative test is charged at £25 assuming a full self test has been completed

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